The team can provide accident investigation training for your company explaining the process and how to interface with FAA and NTSB.  Additionally, the team can provide safety  and safety  management system training.  The team recently provided accident/incident "Go Team" training to Cape Air.  This is a one day course designed to prepare the company employees that will be participating in an accident or incident investigation with the necessary background to effectively work the on scene and follow-up portions of the investigation.

These experts have spent many years critiquing the flight operations of U.S. and foreign airlines, fixed-base operators and general aviation pilots.  They are uniquely qualified to spot practices that compromise safety and offer recommendations for correction.

Accident Reconstruction


Expert piloting, investigative and mechanical expertise enable this team to recreate, in step-by-step detail, the unfolding of the aviation event.

  • Over 90 years of aviation experience
  • Hundreds of investigations conducted
  • Safety evaluation experience
  • Worldwide experience
  • We have the investigative experience 
  • We team with other aviation professionals
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We are a proven investigative and analytical team

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This team has the ability to examine conditions, evidence and pilot dynamics to show the logical and probable progression of events leading to an aviation accident or incident. 

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