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We have the investigative experience

Our team has many years of investigative and analytical experience to provide an in-depth analysis of aircraft wreckage, flight recorder data, and radar data. 

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We team with other professionals to ensure the right expert is working the project to get the job done right the first time

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Our team consists of former members of the FAA "Go Team" that have over 90 years of aviation, 50 years of aircraft accident investigation and extensive law enforcement experience.  We have participated, as the FAA Investigator-in-Charge (IIC) and the technical advisor to the U. S. Accredited Representative, in the investigation of numerous high profile accidents worldwide, including:

Asiana 214,  Boeing 777, San Francisco, CA
United Airlines Flight 93,  Boeing 757, Shanksville, PA​
American Airlines 77, Boeing 757, Pentagon, Arlington, VA
Swissair 111, MD-11, Halifax, NS, Canada
EgyptAir 990, Boeing 767, Nantucket Island, MA
American Airlines Flight 1420, MD-82, Little Rock, AR
China Airlines 611, Boeing 747, Makung, Taiwan
Coredon Airlines 7H-773, Boeing 737, Antalya, Turkey
Alaska Airlines 261, MD-83, Anacapa Island, CA
Air France 447, Airbus 330, Atlantic Ocean
Sudan Airways 139, Boeing 737, Port Sudan, Sudan
US Airways 1549, Airbus 320, Hudson River, NY
Caribbean Airlines 523, Boeing 737, Georgetown, Guyana
Air Midwest 5481, Beech 1900D, Charlotte, NC
Maryland State Police Trooper Two, SA 365, District Heights, MD
Ethiopian Airlines 409, Boeing 737, Beirut, Lebanon
United Airlines 267, Airbus 320, Jackson Hole, WY
​Washington Times Aviation, Sikorsky 92, Gapyeong, Republic of Korea
​Carson Helicopters, Sikorsky S-61, Redding, CA

Additionally, our team has participated, as the FAA Investigator-in-Charge, on large transport category aircraft , Emergency Medical Service aircraft, Public Aircraft, and high profile general aviation aircraft accidents such as those involving 
John F. Kennedy Jr. and Steve Fossett. The team can provide aviation expert witness and testimony support as well as human factors investigations. 

The Team's experience covers operations, airworthiness, and engineering, including reconstruction and flight data recorder analysis. We have conducted many safety audits of various aviation programs and are certified IS-BAO auditors.